How to Improve Local Ranking on Google?

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7 Tips How to Improve Local Ranking on Google in 2022

Local audiences play an integral role in every business. Most of the searches on Google are local, and if your business forgets to target a local audience, you are missing a big success for your business. 

Local ranking and Local SEO is much easier and more efficient than Global SEO. Local Ranking helps you reach out to potential clients. Even if you provide your products and services internationally, you must consider local rankings on Google. 

What is Local Ranking?

Local ranking means your business ranking on Google when a user performs a local search. The goal of your business is to rank higher on Google, and if you use the proper methods, you can improve your local ranking on Google. 

For example, you have a pizza place in San Francisco. When someone from San Francisco searches for “Pizza Place near me,” many pizza places will appear in the result. If your business has a good local ranking, it is more likely that your business will rank at the top of the results.

Tips to Improve Local Ranking

If you are having a hard time improving your Google rankings for your business, then some tips can help you improve your business’s local ranking on Google. We assure you that following these tips and keeping your business profile updated will help you. Let’s have a look.

1. Enter Complete Data about your Business

If you want to improve your local ranking on Google, you should first provide complete and accurate information about your business. The information should include your 

social media links

Social Media Link


phone number

Phone Number

Google Maps location

Google Maps Location

Google Maps location

Having complete information about your business allows users to reach out to your business easily. And then, users are more likely to reach out to your business. 

2. Update your Google My Business Profile

Creating a Google My Business profile and keeping it up to date will immediately boost your local rankings. Google My Business is a free tool that helps you create your business profile, and your physical location will be automatically added to Google Maps.

Surprisingly, a lot of users do their searches using Google Maps. So verify your location and add your business operation hours so that users can have accurate information and they visit your business at the right time. Google My Business listings can help your business rank locally. 

After creating your Google My Business profile, you must consider one thing update your profile frequently. Add some offers and quality images on your GMB profile so that users have a better idea about your business and Google ranks your business locally.

3. Use Proper Keywords

The key to ranking on Google is to use proper keywords in your content. It is hard to rank your business locally or internationally without good keywords. What you need to do is complete keyword research using different tools. There are many free tools for keyword research but paid always show more accurate and efficient results. Hiring an SEO expert agency like Digisol Hub can help you find suitable keywords for your business and improve your ranking on Google.

4. Add Quality Images and Posters

It is hard to attract some users without adding some colors to your Google My Business profile. Adding quality images and posters to your profile will efficiently help you interact with users and rank locally on Google. Listings with photos are likely to get 35% more clicks.  It is suggested to add posters, discount offers, and other details about your business to your GMB profile so you can rank locally on Google. Use high-quality images and videos for your Google My Business profile.
5. Encourage Existing Customers to Write Reviews
According to a study, eight out of ten consumers consult online reviews for local businesses. If you want to attract users and turn them into customers, you need to have reviews on Google.  You can always ask your existing clients to write reviews on your website and Google. Positive reviews develop the trust of users. Got a bad review? No problem. Try resolving the issue and respond to the negative review, and this will help your business develop a good image. 
6. Make your Business Mobile-Friendly

How often do you think users will open their laptops or PCs to do a regular search? 63% of Google’s US organic search traffic originated from mobile devices. Imagine having a website that does not look good on your mobile phone. 

If you can not provide a good user experience to users, it will discourage users, and they are less likely to make a transaction from your website. Google Index is smart enough and knows what the user prefers. And that is why it only ranks mobile-friendly websites. 

7. Build Local Links

Another way to improve your business’s local ranking is to add backlinks of your website to other local websites. You can also partner with some local businesses to improve your ranking. Social Media is a powerful tool. Make sure to use it in your favor.

Hiring a quality social media manager and content creator can help you build local links. Luckily, Digisol Hub has the best team to manage your social media and build local links to your websites. 


Being on the top of Google search is the most important thing for businesses. And when you find your audience’s interests, do complete research and follow the tricks we mentioned in the post, you will catch a lot of clients locally. To improve your GMB listing and grab some local clients. 

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